As a woman over 40, it's so normal to gain weight when your body and hormones start to change.

Which means you probably don't feel like yourself anymore.

So, in order to fix the problem, you try the old tricks from your 20s & 30s because you know that it works right?

You just need to have enough willpower and motivation to stick to eating less and staying off "bad" foods....

But here's the problem with dieting & eating less over 40...

  •  Your body naturally produces less oestrogen in midlife.

  •  This makes you more insulin resistant which leads to weight gain.

  • ​Eating less stresses your body and this makes insulin resistance worse.

  • Hello vicious cycle, because surely you should lose weight if you are eating less?

  • So now you are eating less and probably feel irritable, moody, and exhausted.

  • Of course, you can't sustain such a calorie deficit so you end up overeating and bingeing on all the "forbidden foods"

  • This is compounded by all the sugar cravings that follow..

  • Which only adds to the problem... plus you feel guilty, full of self-loathing, and nowhere near your goal.

  • Surely the answer is to double down and eat less tomorrow?


Unlock the Secret to Feeling Comfortable in Your Body in Midlife - Say Goodbye to Dieting and Hello to a Healthy Relationship with Food!

Next cohort begins on April 30th, 2023

I'm here for you!

I'm Justine, a Registered Clinical Dietician and over 40 mom of 2. 

At the age of 44, I gained 9kg in just 6 months! I was shocked but once I realized I was in perimenopause I was able to change my approach to eating which led me to reduce many of the symptoms and eventually feel like myself again.

You see eating less and exercising harder, which had always fixed the problem with any extra weight I carried, just didn't work anymore and I could relate to what so many of my clients had told me.

For more than 20 years women in midlife have been sharing their frustrations and struggles with me. 

They feel let down by the dieting industry and practitioners who promise quick weight loss results only to end up regaining it all (after trying really hard) and for them to feel even more despondent. 

When I qualified as a clinical dietician, I too was trained to treat my clients to restrict their food intake. But the more experience I gained with my own food challenges (that started as a teenager) as well as seeing the struggles my clients have faced, I realized that this was not the answer.

Making peace with food and treating each person in a unique and holistic way (backed by the latest nutrition research and mindset practices) has allowed each woman who I work with, the space to feel heard and to be treated as an individual

The tools and strategies that I have been successfully empowering my clients with in my private practice for over 20 years, are now what I am sharing with you through my 12-week online group program. 

I believe that every woman can heal the mind, body, soul dynamic and live with greater self-esteem and confidence in their body. In order to do this we have to take weight loss goals off the table and focus on mindset and more qualitative measures of success.

I am thrilled to have created "The Wellness Upgrade" program for you, and I wholeheartedly believe that it can help you achieve your wellness goals.


  • Never going on another diet again and putting an end to self-sabotage

  • Easily nourishing your body and feeling in control of the amount and type of food you choose

  • Understanding and supporting your changing body over 40 by learning how to create balanced and nutritious meals with ease

  • Putting an end to feeling guilty or shameful or anxious about what you eat

  • No more pre-planning anxiety before eating out or going to events with huge buffets

  • No more overwhelm and frustration, rather feel that you are working with your body, not against it.

  • No more weigh-ins or counting calories, rather feeling nourished and in tune with your body

  • Feeling at peace with food and healing the relationship you have with your body

  • No more waiting for Monday, January 1st or the "perfect time" to start a diet


"I got everything I was looking for!"

This course is for you if you are:

  • Looking for a holistic way to nourish your changing body during perimenopause and menopause

  • Looking for clarity on the nutrition principles and practices that are most supportive for women in midlife

  • ​Ready to introduce mindful eating practices into your life and become more intuitive with what your body needs

  • Ready to remove the focus from the scale

  • ​Overwhelmed by dieting messages and confused about what to eat over 40

  • ​Looking to end self-sabotage and emotional eating

  • ​Tired of feeling out of control with food and feeling guilty and shameful when you eat "badly"

  • Ready to heal your relationship with food and your body

  • ​Looking for practical tools that you can implement in your busy life

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a diet for quick weight loss

  • ​You want to weigh yourself daily and keep tracking and counting calories

  • ​You have an active eating disorder and need 1:1 treatment- please seek professional medical help

  • ​You are not ready to create meaningful change

What have past participants had to say?

After 12 weeks I have:

  • "A better understanding of food and I have learned to make better choices"

  • "A healthier mindset, listening to my body and my needs as opposed to emotions"

  • "Ease in choosing foods that nourish my body and I no longer crave sugar as I did before"

  • "I am fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years! I no longer worry about what I weigh, and rarely get on the scale"

  • "Stopped snacking after dinner! This is one of my biggest wins!"

You Are Ready To Upgrade your Wellness!

In just 12 weeks you will:     

  • Unlearn the dieting messages and food rules that keep you feeling frustrated and hopeless.

  • Feel more balanced with your food choices.

  • Build practical habits that are easy to implement.

  • Understand how your body is changing and what foods will best support your hormone levels.

  • Feel empowered to listen to your body and trust yourself to take care of your nutrition needs.

  • Make peace with food and silence the inner critic and saboteur.

  • Improve your energy, improve your mood, and support your body during perimenopause and menopause.

  • Find balance in your life and in your approach to food.

  • Reduce symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats

  • Reduce brain fog and improve your concentration and memory.

"I learned to be kinder to myself!"

This 12-Week Online Course Covers:

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Understand what the subliminal messages are that keep you cycling back to diets and restricting your food. It’s so frustrating to want to lose weight - and the dieting world makes you believe that the only way to do it is through depriving yourself.

This leads to feelings of guilt when you eat a bit more or eat a meal that is “off your diet”. It can ruin your self-esteem and your relationship with yourself and those you love.

You will learn: 

✔ Awareness of dieting language and how to change this

✔ Begin to reframe your relationship with food and how you speak about reaching your goals

✔ Focus on each positive choice you make to be your own best cheerleader


From the age of 37 onwards it is normal to start to experience changes in your hormone levels and estrogen. This eventually brings you to menopause at around 51.

Over this period of time, your body becomes a more effective storage machine and this makes weight loss a lot harder.

Knowing what is happening in your body will give you the tools to make more mindful choices from a place of gentle support instead of deprivation. 

You will learn: 

✔ The role of estrogen in your body and how it changes over 40

✔ How daily stress impacts your weight

✔ An easy vagus nerve breathing exercise to reduce stress and cortisol levels (which will help you manage your weight)


Strict dieting and exercise over the age of 40 increases cortisol levels and may even cause weight gain

So, understanding how to nourish your body and balance your hormones through food choices is the best way to manage your weight at this time, and gives you the skills how to fuel your body to improve symptoms of low energy, food cravings, brain fog, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and mood swings.  

You will learn:

✔ How to prevent sugar spikes, while still including carbohydrates​

✔ What foods to include to boost your oestrogen levels

​✔ How to balance your meals so that you feel satisfied and enjoy what you eat

​✔ What foods are best for reducing after-meal energy slumps


What we eat affects our mood. When we feel anxious, depressed or irritable it can lead us to make poor food choices.

This keeps us in a cycle of low mood.

Understanding how to nourish your gut and boost serotonin levels, improves your mood and creates a more positive and happy mindset.

This becomes a wonderful reinforcer for continuing to make wonderful food choices which is the formula for long-term


You will learn:

✔ The role of the gut microbiome in your health​

✔ How to increase the good bacteria in your body (probiotics)

✔ What foods boost serotonin levels


What in your daily routine sets you up for success?

In this training, we will look at what to build into your habits to ensure you are able to keep nourishing your body and making the best choices.

This means setting aside time to prep food, shop for the right options (and at the time of day that you are best able to make good choices). 

You will learn:

✔ Daily "check in" technique to feel in sync with what your body needs.​

✔ Time blocking for tasks that support your goals

✔ Tips for managing your time effectively

✔ Create meal ideas to prepare ahead of time


Cravings are a normal part of life and over the age of 40 with changes in hormone levels, your cravings can be more pronounced, particularly around the time of your cycle.

Low energy and poor sleep is another common complaint during midlife.

These cravings and low energy times can lead to overindulging on foods that are not conducive to your progress or mood and keep you in a cycle of craving more sugar which leads to further reduction of your energy.

Breaking out of this by learning how to best manage these times will benefit your long-term success. 

You will learn: 

✔ How to identify why you may be craving certain foods​

✔ How to best support your body when you experience cravings and dips in energy

✔ How to include the foods you crave as part of a balanced approach

✔ Healthy sleep habit techniques


Both motivation and willpower are key to making good choices to help you reach your health goals!

These are internal drives that depend on many different factors, and in this module you’ll get tools to keep you focused and on the right track.

Just like a muscle fatigues with exertion, if you are relying on these to get you to the finish line you can end up feeling disappointed with yourself for no reason and give up quickly.

With mindset tools and reframing the need to rely on these limited resources, you can overcome the problem times and remain focused on nourishing your body. 

You will learn:

✔ The power of connecting to your WHY & WHAT you are working towards

​✔ How to structure your day to set yourself up for success

✔ How to manage your personal expectations and develop quick wins to keep you on track


Emotional eating is one of the concerns many women face.

Stressors and events that are out of your control can trigger feelings of anger, anxiety, irritability, frustration, sadness….

When your coping mechanism is to eat to numb or soothe these hard feelings, it can derail your best efforts. 

You will learn:

✔ The practical express and not suppress strategy​

✔ How to manage these times better with a mindful choice exercise.

✔ Compassion and how to reset your compass if you overeat in response to an emotional trigger


How often have you done really well on an eating plan, reduced your weight, almost got to your goal or got to your goal, only to regain it all again (and more!).

Why do we sabotage our best efforts to achieve what we really desire?

In this training I will introduce you to the inner dialogue at play that is preventing you from getting to your goal.

Barbara will work her magic in helping you remove unconscious thoughts or beliefs that block you from reaching the goal you desire

Say goodbye to the inner saboteur! 

You will learn:

✔ How to identify old patterns that block your success​

✔ Awareness of subliminal stories that keep you stuck​

✔ How to access the inner adult to make decisions in line with your goal


The best carpenters have tools in their toolbox to use for each job that they do.

When you are building your own best habits the practical tools that you will learn in this training will enable you to access them when you are in need. 

You will learn:

✔ How to begin again if you feel that you have deviated from making nourishing choices (without waiting for the perfect time to restart e.g. Monday/ January 1st/ after a social event on the horizon). ​

✔ Eating out for a meal? There is a tool for that too… never worry about whether the meal will set you back, rather enjoy every minute of it and savour the tastes and the company you are in.​

✔ How to "press pause" and gently stop yourself from punishing your body with food....Even in the middle of overeating or a “binge” 


Being a woman means that you are able to take the raw material in life and create it into something new and special.

We will go more into the relationship that you have with yourself and the unique gifts that you have which give your life meaning and purpose.

Connecting within, allows you to attribute your self worth to metrics other than your weight.

When you explore your “SELF” it makes the practice of “SELF“ care meaningful and you see yourself through the eyes of a loving parent tending for their precious child.

This stage brings you to living a more wholesome life where giving to yourself means valuing your body and the thoughts that you think.

It is the ultimate break away from a dieting mindset that focuses on restriction, deprivation, lack, and punishment.  

You will learn:

✔ A path to meeting your "SELF" ​

✔ How to identify with your strengths and express them out into the world​

✔ How to connect to your essence


Valuing yourself, your body, and your headspace brings you to build a relationship of trust with food and how you nourish your body.

In this training, you will rewrite the story you want to tell yourself about the future YOU that you are creating. In this way you allow the healing process to begin. 

You will create:

​✔ The story of what you choose your relationship with food to be

​✔ A space for the next steps in your journey 

✔ An actionable plan for reaching your goal


  • Watch the pre-recorded videos before each week's session and follow the exercises.

  • Fill out the pre-call assessment 

  • Join Justine Live each Sunday at 12.30PM EST for the topic of the week coaching, Q&A and group discussion (Replays will be available within 24 hours)

  • Book your 1:1 monthly sessions with Justine for individual support

  • Stay connected via email to have your questions answered during office hours

  • Participate in the exclusive WhatsApp group with the other participants and share your successes and struggles. The other group members are there to cheer you on and to be with you every step of the way

You'll Learn the 3 Pillar Approach to Gently Nourish your Changing Body

Nutrition & Your Changing Body

Mindset Tools and Habit Creation

Connect with Your Feminine Essence


JUST $1290

(+ VAT for Israeli citizens)

"I changed my mindset!"




Three monthly payments of $430

(+ VAT for Israeli citizens)

Or SAVE $100 & pay in full (one payment of $1190)

Intake assessment

Pre-recorded videos and exercises for each topic

12 Weeks of Live Coaching with Justine

Replays of Coaching Calls

Comprehensive workbook with the course content

Once a month 1:1 30-minute session with Justine

Private Course Community to Connect & Collaborate

Frequently Asked Questions

So how do I know if I'm in Perimenopause or Menopause?

Some signs are:

✔ You have gained weight without changing your eating habits

✔ Regardless of how little you eat or how hard you exercise, you may be gaining weight and not managing to lose any

✔ You are more tired than normal or feel constantly exhausted

✔ You have mood swings, a lower mood (sometimes feel like you are living under a dark cloud), irritability and you get anxious more frequently.

✔ Your sleep is disturbed: have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or wake up between 2-3 am and can't get back to sleep

✔ You wake up feeling tired even after a normal night's sleep

✔ You are experiencing changes to your menstrual cycle

✔ You are experiencing hot flashes and night sweats

✔ You may be getting joint pain and general discomfort with inflammation in your body (perhaps your doctor has told you that you have early-onset arthritis

✔ You experience brain fog and feel like you are forgetting things easily

✔ Your skin is breaking out (as if you were a teenager all over again)

✔ Your hair is thinning

✔ You are getting more bloated and get stomach cramps after eating foods you were always able to tolerate

✔ You have very low motivation

✔ You are experiencing heart palpitations

How does the course work?

Each week you will have access to pre-recorded videos on the teaching platform for you to watch at your own pace and complete the exercises.

You will then join the weekly group call where you have the opportunity to take part in a group discussion and Q&A session. In these calls, Justine will reinforce her techniques to assist with helping you in making the necessary changes.

A dedicated WhatsApp group allows you to share your progress, ask questions, and feel supported by the other participants.

Once a month you will book 1:1 calls with Justine to get individual attention.

What if I can't make it live?

The replay of each call will be uploaded and available on the platform within 24 hours.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, for the regular price only. If you want to get the discount, you must pay in full.

How long will it take for me to see results?

The goal of this program is to build lasting habits and to relearn how to nourish your body over 40. This means that there is no time frame that results can be expected to be achieved in.

The focus is not on weighing yourself, nor on counting calories, rather on making qualitative food choices to support your body.

If I am not weighing myself or counting calories how will I know that it is working?

Learning the skills to eat mindfully means that you focus on internal metrics such as improved energy levels, mood, sleep quality and feeling more at peace with how you view food.

During the course of the program, you will learn and begin to implement lifestyle habits that will support these outcomes.

In order to heal your relationship with food and your body and to unlearn the dieting mindset traps and pitfalls you are encouraged not to focus on your weight at all.

What if I have tried to make peace with food in the past and it didn't work?

Letting go of the dieting mindset and food rules can be so overwhelming.

If you have tried to do this on your own without the guidance and support of a mentor and supportive group it can be very frustrating.

When I created this course, my intention was to provide a framework to cover all the many areas of challenge that come with healing your relationship with food, and coping with the changes over the age of 40.

There is only so far that a book or an impersonal course can take you, and that is why I am so invested in providing live teaching sessions, one one-on-one consultations, specific assignments, and a group dynamic for support.

What happens after the 12 weeks are over?

You will have access to the recorded content of the program for the duration of the course.

The next step is to join the membership program where you will meet for monthly calls to continue implementing your new habits and to get further coaching and support from Justine.

As part of the membership program, you will continue to have access to all the recorded content, bonus material and WhatsApp group.

What if I need more individualised support?

If you feel that you need more support than the program offers you have the option to add on extra 1:1 coaching sessions with Justine (at an additional cost-package dependant).

If a group program is not ideal for you and you would prefer only 1:1 support, then schedule a call with Justine to discuss this option further.

Still have questions?

Email Justine at:

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